About Pyrpaw Marketing

It’s not often we get to talk about ourselves. Here’s a little something to break the ice.

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The Inspiration Behind Pyrpaw Marketing

Pyrpaw Marketing was inspired by our 140-pound Great Pyrenees rescue named Beau. Beau, not just the inspiration for our company’s name but also our spirit animal, embodies the qualities we strive for in our business: loyalty, curiosity, and a friendly approach. As the CEBeau (Chief Executive Beau) and Co-Founder, Beau oversees our day-to-day operations with a keen eye for treats and naps, ensuring a happy and motivated team.

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Meet the Team

Beau Akers

C.E.Beau, Co-Founder

I oversee the day-to-day operations and make all executive decisions about treats and naps. I’m a 135-pound Great Pyrenees rescue, the inspiration for the company name, and all-around good boi.

C.E.Beau co-founder of pyrpaw marketing
duncan akers cto and cofounder of pyrpaw marketing

Duncan Akers

CTO, Co-Founder

Duncan is Pyrpaw Marketing’s CTO (Chief Treat Officer) and approaches his duty with enthusiasm. Both Beauregard and Duncan are more than pets; they are the heart and soul of Pyrpaw Marketing, reminding us daily of the joy and dedication we bring to our work in digital marketing.

Joe Akers

President, Co-Founder

Joe Akers brings a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking to Pyrpaw Marketing. With a background as a professional chef, Joe transitioned into the world of graphic design, evolving over 15 years into marketing strategy and branding.

joe akers president and cofounder of pyrpaw marketing

[Joe] is a personable expert with a quiet, self-assured personality. My first interaction was a logo design and after several great presentations, we finalized that project. He continually kept me on track to follow thru as we all know time is a premium.

Daniel Birkmire, Owner, Soundview Dental

Our Mission

At Pyrpaw Marketing, our mission is simple yet powerful: to help small and medium-sized businesses in Charlotte, North Carolina, and beyond thrive in the digital world. We believe in creating digital marketing strategies that are as unique as the businesses we serve. Our commitment to clients is simple – we strive for excellence, creativity, and results that speak for themselves.

Our Values

Our values are deeply rooted in the belief that every business has a story worth telling. We’re here to help you tell that story most compellingly, using a blend of creativity, innovation, and strategic insight.

Giving Back

A portion of our yearly profits are donated to the Appalachian Great Pyrenees Rescue in Varina, Virginia where our C.E.Beau was “Recruited” and the Carolina Great Pyrenees Rescue in Indian Trail, North Carolina where Duncan was “Hired”.

To learn more about these amazing organizations and how you can help, click below.