Use Buyer Personas to Attract More Qualified Leads to your Business

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Have you been consistently posting content to your blog, social media, Instagram Reels, Facebook stories, etc. without many or any qualified leads to show for it? Are you getting frustrated by the amount of effort you’ve invested in putting content out there and it’s just not getting the results you expected? It’s possible that you’re not using the right “bait”. A buyer persona is one tool to help you attract more qualified leads to your business.

What is a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional profile of your ideal customer that pulls together various data from experiences with real customers into an actionable marketing tool.

How is a buyer persona able to attract more qualified leads?

A buyer persona is key to developing the right context and structure for marketing to your potential customers. Without a buyer persona, it’s difficult to create consistent, high-quality content for the leads you want. With a buyer persona, you’ll have a better starting point to begin answering these questions:

  • “What is your lead’s problem?”
  • “How can your product or service solve that problem?”
  • “How does the lead take the next step toward a solution?”

The right “bait” will attract more leads.

When I was about 8 years old, I was at my grandparents’ lakefront property in Southwest Virginia. One Saturday morning, I announced that I was going to catch my first fish. I sat on the dock and tried every lure in the tackle box, but I couldn’t get a nibble. Enter my Uncle Ricky – a skilled fisherman who’d won trophies, and prize money and had even given some of his best fishing spots to a celebrity TV angler. I was sure he’d pluck the perfect lure from the tackle box and I would catch the biggest and best fish. Instead, he broke off a piece of the banana he was eating and said, “Try this.” Reluctantly, I put that piece of banana on my hook and tossed it in. Imagine my surprise when only seconds later I reeled in my first fish: a perch..with a piece of banana.

The point is this: Uncle Ricky had done his research. He knew which fish were in that spot, so he knew JUST the right bait to attract them and that it was a waste of time to try every fancy lure because I’d sit there all day with nothing to show but a sunburn. He knew that a banana was the best bait.

That story is the origin of one of my favorite sayings:

attracting clients with the right bait graphic

A buyer persona arms you with the “right bait” to attract more qualified leads to your business. It helps you clearly understand the challenges, goals, and activities that will lead your ideal customer to your product or service.

In ourĀ next blog post, I’ll show you how to easily create a buyer persona so you can start reeling in the best fish.

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