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Orange graphic reading create content that attracts more leads online using buyer personas

In today’s blog post, we’ll take a look at some buyer persona examples and how each dictates the type of content you can create to attract like-minded and better-qualified leads.

In the first post of this three-part series, ” Use Buyer Personas to Attract More Qualified Leads to your Business,” I discussed what a buyer persona is and how creating one can narrow the focus of your marketing efforts to attract leads that are similar to your ideal client.

In the second post, “The 5 Traits You Need to Get More Clients Online” I laid out the “Must-Have” info to create a buyer persona and kickstart your lead generation.

Here are three great buyer persona examples and relevant content ideas to bring in the leads.

Example #1: Rachael, The Stay at Home Mum

Rachael’s buyer persona from includes additional insight beyond the five essential traits discussed in the last blog post. Imagine you’re an independent mortgage lender looking for leads similar to Rachael. Take a moment to look over the info in Rachael’s persona and consider how you might create relevant content for her. 

stay at home mom buyer persona chart

What stands out, is that Rachael and her husband are currently living on one salary. She’s setting up a work-from-home business, but money is tight. She feels that they need to downsize their home to reduce their mortgage and free up spare cash. An experienced mortgage lender likely knows how to help Rachael reduce her mortgage payment and stay in her home without the hassle of selling and moving. Here are a few content ideas that a mortgage lender could use to address her concerns:

  • “The Top 5 Ways to Reduce Your Mortgage Payments On One Salary”
  • “How to Downsize Your Mortgage Without Downsizing Your Home”
  • “Is Refinancing For You? It May Reduce Your Mortgage Significantly”

Example #2: Facility/Operations Manager Fred

Fred is a buyer persona featured on that includes some excellent details. Imagine you’re looking to increase sales for a company that offers online certification courses. Let’s take a look at Fred’s info and think about what approaches we might take to connect with more leads like him.

male facility operator buyer persona chart

Fred takes his role as a father, provider, and operations manager seriously. He feels that success for him is receiving a raise and promotion, but is challenged by staying organized, managing his team, and integrating new systems. Any resources he can find to improve his skills and job security are of interest to him. Fred uses LinkedIn and follows his industry via trade magazines and industry trade groups. This information indicates that to reach Fred and leads like him online, we could create content like the following:

  • “Lock In Job Security with These Operations Manager Certifications”
  • “Will an Operations Manager Certification Get You a Promotion?”
  • “The Top 3 Certifications for Operations Managers in 2020”

Example #3: Fizzbo Fiona

Finally, we’ll return to the buyer persona we created in the last blog post, “Fizzbo Fiona”. While there’s a bit less detail in our basic five-trait persona, there’s still plenty to work with to get started. Imagine you’re a real estate agent targeting leads who’ve attempted to sell or are trying to sell their home themselves.

Free Buyer Persona Worksheet from Pyrpaw Marketing

Fizzbo Fiona is planning to sell her home by herself. As a real estate agent, we know this presents a ton of problems for anyone without experience and a real estate license. To attract qualified leads like Fiona, we’re going to put together a few blog posts that can address some of the issues she’ll encounter like the following: 

  • “Thinking of listing a home yourself in Charleston, South Carolina? Know the laws.”
  • “What does it take to list a home yourself? Maybe more than you think.”
  • “Did you list your home for too much? That might be why no one wants it.”


In the end, these buyer persona examples demonstrate a great way to get inside the heads of your ideal clients and think about the challenges they may be facing as they relate to your product or service. Crafting content that demonstrates your understanding of their challenges and ways in which they can address them helps your targeted leads get to know you, like you, and trust your expertise when they decide to move forward.

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